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Site redesign

Posted on: 27 October, 2009

Recently I've been a bit too busy on my client work to think much about my own site. But having had a quick look at it a few days ago I realised it was looking a bit tired, especially as it was designed to be viewed at a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, which these days is a very low resolution.

It really is a case of "do as I say rather than as I do", since I am always pointing out to clients and potential clients that although in theory once a web site has been designed it will last forever, in practice periodic reviews should take place to ensure that:

  1. the content is up to date
  2. it is not looking stale
  3. it takes full advantage of changes in browser and web technologies. 

So far the redesign has not been extensive, but I've widened the width of the pages, and in the process moved away from a table based layout to one based on a more structured approach.  Further changes will follow.