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The list of clients below has been chosen to show the variety of work we undertake.

Infinity Windows IOW

With many images on the site, the challenge here was to create a fast loading web site for a business startup.

Titanic Truths

Local author Dr Noel Stimson needed a simple one page site to promote and sell his book. Some small animation effects as you scroll down the page add interest. Includes PayPal integration for purcahse of the book.

Cachalot Charters

Over the course of our long association with this client we have underatken a number of site redesigns, and periodic updates of the online gallery.

Medina Business Exchange

The Medina Business Exchange is a business networking club for Isle of Wight based businesses.

The web app incorporates an automatic emailing to members of a reminder of the next meeting.

Activity Island Ltd

Site providing details of activity holidays for schools to visit the Isle of Wight.

Over the period of our long association with this client we have undertaken a number of redesigns of their website as browser technology evolves.

Rivers of Joy Ministries

We undertook a complete redesign of this site, bringing a fresher more modern look, paying particular attention to makeing the site quick to load and easy to read on mobile phones and tablet comnputers. This was particularly important given the potential audience of the site in developing countries.

Alex Tana

Business and Life Coach Alex Tana asked us to redesign his site, and while doing so we incorporated resposive web design techniques so the site adapts automatically to the size of screen of mobile phones and tablet computers.

Tourism information for Bembridge & St Helens

Site providing tourist and visitor information for Bembridge & St Helens. The site was built using Wordpress, giving the site owners much control over the layout and content. We developed two plugins to provide specific functionality that was needed to improve the user experience.

Burrows Prints

A simple visual design allows a users' focus to be on the pictures displayed. Extensive use of javascript brings visualy appealing effects which are compatible with all current major browsers. A custom written management system allows the web site owner to update the site, and to generate a PDF catalogue of their stock.


This site includes a video player to show two videos, and a survey form for the Tranzwight project to gather information about public support.

Malindy Argyle

Local artist Malindy Argyle had a good idea of how she wanted her web site to look, and choose us to bring these ideas to fruition. Our content management system is used to allow Malindy to easily update most of the site herself.

Breakfast at Tiffanys, Bembridge Bed and Breakfast
Breakfast at Tiffany's

We optimised the pages of this Bembridge Bed and Breakfast establishment's web site to improve its ranking on Google searches. This resulted in a move from position seventy up to number one!

Hideaway Holidays
Hideaway Holidays

We carried out a redesign of this site, incorporating an image gallery and an embedded Google map.

Delta Lightning
Delta Lightning

This site was a joint design/development project with Wisdom Solutions Ltd. Wisdom Solutions Ltd were the prime contractors for this site, developing the site concept and design. Vectis Webdesign provided the PHP programming to produce the listing of training courses, and the production and processing of the diagnostic questionnaire.

Forum Software
Forum Software

Initially we developed the "Boats for Sale" database and search facility, to be added to an existing site. This allowed a viewer of the site to search for details of boats held within a database, view those details, and then request that information be sent to them from the subscribing yacht brokers. The facility was custom written using perl scripts.

We were subsequently asked to redesign the site layout giving a clearer look to the site, and advised on improving the search engine ranking of the site.