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Business startup thoughts

Web sites for startups

If you are thinking of starting a business then you may have put having a web site into the category of "I'll do that later when I'm up and running". To find out why that could be a big mistake continue reading below.

Domain names

various domain name extensions

At the very least we would argue that you must consider registering a domain name for your business.

We would always recommend that you get your own domain name for the following reasons:

  • Having your own domain name means you can have an email address related to that domain rather than a more generic one such as;
  • If you don't register your domain name then someone else might;
  • It really doesn't cost much to have a domain name.

Choosing a domain name early on means that your business cards, stationery, and other branded material won't need changing at a later date.

To talk through the various options for domain names, and how you can register one, give us a call.

Web Site

We recognise that you may be on a tight budget when starting up a new business. Whilst we believe that our overall web site design service is competitively priced, we offer a special package aimed at startups with a limited budget.

For only £99 we will give you:

  • A clean & simple one page site;
  • Free UK domain name ( / / .uk) for the first year - other domain names can be used but will incur an additional cost);
  • One email address linked to your domain;
  • Web hosting for one year.