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One Page sites - I was wrong!

Posted on: 28 February, 2018   (Updated on : 26 March, 2018)

A year or two ago a trend started to appear where a web site would be created with only one page. This one page contained various sections, such as “home”, “services”, and “contact us”, and the menu at the top links to these various sections rather than to a separate page as might be the case with a more “traditional” web site.

One of the advantages of this type of site is that particularly when using a mobile phone to browse the site, the user only has to scroll down the page to find all the content on the site.

They do have disadvantages:

  • They can take a long time to load, as everything has to be loaded at once;
  • There can be a lot of scrolling up and down the page if there is a lot of information down the page;
  • They may harm SEO as you only have one page on which to perform SEO techniques.

Until recently I felt the disadvantages out weighed the advantages. However recently we had a new client, PostRoomPlus Isle of Wight who needed a very simple site, and there really were not many details we could incorporate into the site. It could have had a home page, a services page and a contact page, but there would not have been much information on each of these pages. A decision was made to use a one page site design, and we are pleased with the results.