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JQuery nested sortable plugin

Posted on: 30 September, 2011

I've just come across this fantastic JQuery nested sortable plugin.

Initial testing of it shows it works well, and fingers crossed I'll be incorporating it into the CMS which we use for Vectis WebDesigns' clients.  My intention will be to use it as part of a menu creation system, allowing clients a simple way of re-ordering menu items, changing the sub-menu hierarchy, and then with the addition of some more JQuery, the ability to drag and drop new pages into the menu.

Javascript WYSIWYG editors

Posted on: 8 September, 2011

Having for a while favoured Xinha as my javascript WYSIWYG editor of choice I've now moved back to favouring TinyMCE.

This was prompted by the fact that Xihna does not seem to have much activity, its' last update was May 2010.  I had found Xinha to be a little more configurable than TinyMCE, but I think this may have been down to more user friendly documentation, and now find that in fact not only I can do all I did with Xinha, but can extend TinyMCE to do much more.

One thing which is missing from the standard free installation if TinyMCE is an image manager, and although there are a number of possible choices for plugins (Archiv , and  Tinymce Ajax File Manager for instance), they did not quite fit what I wanted, so I have written my own.

This has extended the functionality of the CMS system which Vectis WebDesign offers to our clients.