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jQuery carousel

Posted on: 8 October, 2010   (Updated on : 8 October, 2010)

I've just found a really nice jQuery Carousel which I intend to start using soon.

It's the best 3D one I've seen.

Details can be found at

It's likley to turn up on Vectis WebDesign's site soon.

Site Update Revisited

Posted on: 8 October, 2010

Nearly a year ago I had a quick update to this site, mainly concentrating of the structural side if things.  I've now started to redesign the look of the pages, and am changing the content slightly.

The next steps are:

  1. to remove the Flash elements from the site, and replace these either with static elements, or something in javascript;
  2. redesign the portfolio page.

The Blog

One of the first things I always ask my clients when they say they want a Blog is "Will you update it regularly?"

So it is with some  regret that I see a gap of eight months between my blog postings!

Anyway I'll try and be more active once I finish the current redesign of this site.