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Free Cookie Consent Implementation

Posted on: 1 November, 2019   (Updated on : 2 November, 2019)

For a while now I've been searching for a free method of implementing GDPR compliant cookie usage on my sites in a way which is easy, elegant and comparable to some of the paid solutions, and recently I think I've found the answer.

When the GDPR became law it was no longer possible to rely on assumed consent in setting many cookies. The web site visitor had to give a positive affirmation that cookies could be set BEFORE they were set, and you had to give the user a way of changing their consent once given.

Klaro is a free & open-source tool that provides an intuitive, user-friendly and compliant way to manage consent on your website. Klaro is easy to use and configure, lightweight and compatible with all modern browsers.

I'll admit that so far I've only installed it one one site, and it took a little while to get it up and running, but it is highly configurable. And best of all its unobtrusive and looks great.

Update - I became even more impressed with this today. Yesterday I suggested an enhancement to the script, and today the developer accepted my enhacement and rewrote the code to implement it!